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A very thoughtful and insightful article written on the nuances of the degree of demarcation that education has created in the world. As you mentioned, that learned people for long has labeled India as backward because of the low levels of literacy. If we need to compare with others looking at a trustable source of data, then the human development index under the educational achievements ranks India as 131 in terms of literacy rate and the quality of education. While this topic is debatable, I agree to your views on how the world is divided into 3 parts – the learned world, the trying world and the given up world. With the present scenario of the world being in a VUCA state, changes in pedagogy is the only thing certain. I am moved by the way you explained the trying world and the hardships it has to suffer to get a decent and enriching life. As a matter of fact, the trying world does not understand that the larger portion of the pie is already taken by the learned world and whatever is left is either rotten or is given away for free by the capitalist minds in the trying world also. Then again, a new method has to be developed. Reading trough your article, I am also forced to look upon another dimension of the 3 parts you mentioned. The 3 parts can also be seen as the developed, developing & underdeveloped nations. And this seems to be synchronous in nature with your derivation but in another dimension. All the parameters you mentioned on the learned world, trying world and the given up world are applicable to this dimension also. It is an irony how the level of education in the learned world is causing around 70% of the global tension. As you rightly mentioned, it’s not about how literate you are but how you use that literacy to the benefit of mankind.

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