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Leafing through this blog your article occur to me as a momentum breaker and prompted me to opine on it. I think many in the audience will certainly concur with the points been made by instantiating ADHM. I too agree with your content but that’s what Bollywood stands for, drama, action, humour and showbiz. Further if you want a bollywood blockbuster all recipe lies in a stardom of its cast. If one sign lead like Aishwarya rai, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma then film makers can undeniably backed by following of movie’s cast. Being a huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor, I will also go watch his movie, regardless of reviews as sometime it depends on the acting of an individual also. We know from the past experience that they are good actors and always performed great when it comes to portraying themselves. Exemplifying Karan Johar albeit critical critiques on his movies he has been able to cater the need of masses whether today or when we compare him with his starters KKHH or DDLJ (all-time favourite). I also believe that it’s not always necessary to have a storyline with some dramatic scene like actress or actor dying sympathetically, which is not needed at all. The sway in demand and mindset of people over the past few years which seemingly shifting towards movies like Hindi Medium, Toilet Ek Prem Katha which somehow overlaps common man’s sphere of life besides highlighting social issues. Biopic certainly have gained much required attention which they never witnessed before like Sanju, MS Dhoni or Padman which are based on true life events .Coming back to our original substance of the day ADHM which in spite an average repetitive script was a blockbuster hit with a collection of more than 100 crores in India. Though there is a shift of audience to a better cinema but one cannot change the perception of people concerning Bollywood with some magic wand. I will feed this idea by an instance with a colleague when I was working, a typical Salman khan fan so conventionally reviews, feedbacks does not matter to him and always watches his movie that too on first day and first show. So, beholding this miscellaneous scenarios it’s evident although people are preferring good content movie over just big star cast or say typical bollywood whether be it the reason show business they market or an alternate remark is this cinema relieve them of monotonous chores of daily life and these movies in turn endorse fantasies of masses. Film makers should also think out of the box and put before the public movies which are both entertaining and worth the time devoted by people on either side of screen.

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