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It is till date one of the most sarcastic and hilarious review for the movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, thank you professor for your sarcastic but honest review. My reaction completely resonates with you regarding this torture (read as film's) plotline. Coming from Karan Johar, I thought movie will be at least entertaining (Ok yes, I like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, you can start judging me now) or so I thought. The movie’s story line pretty much disillusioned me from the beginning. However, the portrayal by the lead actors was absolutely brilliant. Although the film is an over –exaggerated melodrama with a lot of unnecessary dialogues, song and over dramatization, the characters in the movie still manage to touch the heartbeat. ADHM is a concoction of love, friendships, feelings, heartbreaks and emotions. I actually loved how KJo portrays human behaviour & nature. It's all about running away from love & everyone has their own route. They are not reciprocated the way they wanted so Ranbir, Sharukh & Aishwarya are all human behaviours of escapist in a love story. Movie subtly describes how escape is very easy way out, be it qutting a job or ending a relationship. KJo tried to do something different in this movie, he moved deeper into human behaviour and reactions to emotions. I can connect to the characters of movies as they are very realistic in their feelings. The story revolves around a heart broken guy, Ayan, which we all (read millennials) have been at some point in our life. Alizeh, the girl who is trying to balance both love and friendship. The characters of Ayan and Alizeh are very relatable with Ayan being the friend zoned guy and alizeh being a friend who cares deeply about Ayan but couldn’t love him. Enters Sabah, a middle aged super-hot Urdu poetess, trying to escape from his failed relationships and finds solace in young and charming Ayan. Ayan, who couldn’t stop loving Alizeh, finds a rebound in Sabah. A lot of our generation has been through these phases of loving someone who doesn’t loves you back, a one sided heart break and chasing that person beyond rationality as one can’t fathom the fact to live without him/her. Though I agree, the cancer scene was totally uncalled for. As cliché as it may sound, although heart breaks are very painful, life doesn’t stops. KJo should have just let story move on, with Alizeh finding man of her dreams and Ayan in a happy relationship with someone else. This way we could had our very own version of 500 Days of summer.

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