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Dr. Sarabjeet has been bang on ,with her thoughts for ADHM . I completely resonated with the fact that as viewer and a Great Bollywood buff , I was waiting eagerly for this movie but in vain. With the relentless promotions & pulchritudinous star cast , it really caught my attention .Lets talk about the female brigade , its was a good wait for all Miss world fans , Mrs. Aishwariya rai Bachan , who left no stone unturned to look fabulous in her new “fit “ skin , but failed to polish her acting skills . Apparently her shayaris were so lifeless , it felt as if she had mugged it up just to finish the shot . On the contrary , Anushka Sharma did a good job as far as her acting skills are concerned but poor scripting & almost no mindfulness in the story by the “Damad “ of Indian film fraternity , Mr. Karan Johar , lead to her down fall in the movie . Ranvir Kapoor faired well as an actor but , with his image of a Chocolate boy did not really go away , probably he needs to dig in deep and try some new roles which will help him know his own potentials as an actor . The only part which really had sense & connection in the movie was dialogs by Shahrukh Khan , in just two minutes he proved himself to be a stupendous actor and he knows very well that he is good at what he does . This leads me to the fact that , the viewers now have become more smart than they were earlier. They too have evolved in their thought process & choices in movies just like the film industry has evolved . With movies like Dangal , Bahubali , Toilet ek premkatha , the directors also need to think out of the box , and put something that gives the audiences , some food for thought .

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