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One of the most hilarious read ever, thank you Professor for sharing your thoughts on this topic, it completely resonated with me as well! I would like to enumerate that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was a cathartic experience for Karan Johar as claimed in his interviews, a confounding chapter drawn out supposedly, from his own sombre life! A story that the masses could have definitely been spared from and not sparred with since it did not do any justice to the sheer magnitude of talent casted in the film, to euphonious soundtracks nor to his 'rich' repertoire in the cinematic field. The movie characters certainly lacked profundity; storyline being devoid of social fabric to depict a canonical, cogent tapestry of modern Indian society. Whether this was a deliberate attempt to continue appeasing the NRI audiences alone or to woo our acrimonious neighbours by introducing and safeguarding Fawad Khan in the movie through numerous publicity stunts prior to release, is a question which only KJo can answer. However, its safe to conclude that he certainly missed the plot this time! The mindset of Indian movie goers has been changing drastically over the past few years and is a reflection of their circumstances. Be it watching 100 crore plus revenue earning blockbusters such as 3 Idiots, Bajrangi Bhaijan, PK, Dangal, Baahubali or most recently Toilet-Ek Prem Katha, the audiences are no longer enthralled by mindless entertainment alone but connect with the ones that elucidate social messages, engage greatly on moral, virtuous and spiritual grounds impacting their personal lives. In marketing hues, as the product progresses through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity and decline in the product life cycle, the Indian movie audiences thus seemed to have matured or evolved ever since by being selective in buying movie tickets as well. Through the underpinnings of aforesaid immensely successful, grandiose presentations of cinema, cantilevering super hero protagonists or stories dwelling in exemplary content, propagated through excellent reviews, word of mouth on a large extent; entertainment aspects of run of the mill stereotypical movies such as ADHM have been curtailed. Whether Karan Johar wakes up to smell the 'Koffee' , recognises his 'Dharma' to produce and direct veritable movies thereby deciding not to embark on a journey to offer superfluous, candy floss entertainment to preferential audiences further is something 'mushqil' that only 'Kaal' will tell but until then it would be 'Kabhi Khushi, Kabhie Gham' for the rest of us, his avid fans!

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