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I agree with Dr. Sarabjeet here. Karan Johar really needs to move away from the typical Bollywood drama he has been feeding us with since years. With the growth of urbanization among the youth of India, they are becoming more and more demanding with the kind of content they want to pay for and see. Also, with the availability of all types of movies at the click of a mouse, the audience is much more aware of the worth of each penny they are paying for on the bigger screen. The film producers should start making movies keeping the millennials in mind as these are the audiences who will generate the maximum positive word of mouth and buzz for movies on platforms with high reach such as social media and will indirectly become brand custodians. These audiences have the power to sometimes influence 1000 people simultaneously by the virtue of a single status update on Facebook. Thus, film makers need to be extremely mindful of these highly influential audiences. We agree that at times film makers can bank upon such stars in your movie as Ranbeer, Aishwarya and Anushka but are these millennials really star struck? I believe the answer to this is a strict no. I have seen them search for logic in all movies these days irrespective of the star cast of the movie and leave movie theatres in the middle of a movie no matter how expensive the ticket is. This certainly proves that this audience does not mind paying extra or letting go of the money only on the condition that it gets to see good content on the big screen. A hot looking Ayan Sanger and a hot Saba no longer have the old mesmerizing and blinding effect on their audiences. Mind you Karan Johar! I hope you come out of the 90s era soon and start investing the mullah in movies where we need to apply some bit just some bit of our brains.

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