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A very well written article Sir, I would like to put forward my thoughts on the same. Cricket has now become the national spirit game of India. Any irregularities in its functioning hurt a billion People. Fixing Scandals associated with the Game has increased massively in recent Years. With possibility of fixing matches is quiet open. Now Fixing has moved from Spot or Match Fixing to “Pitch-Fixing”, Recently Pune Pitch Curator was sacked after being accused of agreeing to Tamper Pitch upon request from Reporters posing as Bookies during New Zealand Tour of India. BCCI has been administered by Politicians since it’s Inception. Cream Positions are enjoyed by Close aides. This has led to deteriorating affairs of Functionality of BCCI and every representative has misused their Positions to Milk the Cash cow. Going through the past, which highlighted dark side of the BCCI Supreme Court Intervention in matter of BCCI Functioning and accepting recommendations Suggested by Lodha Committee is really a Prudent Step . Supreme court Judgement helped in bringing Transparency & accountability towards it’s functioning. It had minimized patronage from Political circuit and Top bureaucrats to the Board and state association. Not only Administration, BCCI should the Shun the prevalent superstar culture in Indian Cricket. The way in which coach (Anil Kumble) - Virat Kohli (Captain) episode was not properly handled by the BCCI. Players should not decide who the coach should be or someday they may seek a role of appointment for close aides in BCCI. Another incident of Players flexing their muscles to intimidate media so that no one posed with Uncomfortable questions was the Harsha Bhogle removal from Indian Premier League commentary Team as he was being Over Critical of the Players. Indian Cricket should learn to take criticism without taking it personally. We as cricket Lovers can hope & pray the Beautiful game go on in all fairness & Purity.

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