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Today, by the late 21st century if we talk about cricket it has just became a business, where winning or losing has just became a business deal. Nothing to be generalized, but there is no such player or team which is completely playing for the spirit of sport. Ultimately we all here to make money, no matter what it may count but the ultimate goal of our career is to strengthen your bank balance. BCCI being an autonomous ruling body over the game of cricket can be held as a reason for all this disruption. During the early 50-60 when cricket was known as the sport for a gentlemen has now turned into business for gentlemen. There is not much changes in the rules of playing but there has been lots of changes in the goal of playing the sport. Now it is not only the question of winning or losing. Things started changing after India held its first world cup in 1983. Many cases have been registered of players being booked during games for deliberately making their teams face shameful defeats. Bribing and corruption has always been the first priority in any sector for India, whether it is politics, sports, business anything at some or the other place people face corruption. In India where nothing works bribing or corruption has been the easiest option for making your work done. In addition to it, the emergence of Indian Premiere League has taken the game of cricket to a gambling stage where a surplus amount of money is smuggled and the match is fixed till the very last ball.

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