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Sir .. you have neatly crafted this blog with right cricket shots . It’s a beautiful description of the happenings in BCCI with well timed shots. BCCI the god father of international cricket has used its power to gain major decision making rights in the International Cricket council and thus muscled other cricket bodies towards itself. The sheer arrogance of the BCCI is direct reflection of the people who control it .People like N Srinivasan have abused the system towards their needs and gained massively upon it. The Indian Premier league format was twisted according to the needs of certain teams like Chennai Super Kings,which was owned by the same company N Srinivasan served as the chairman. I always wonder how such a big conflict of interest in which the chairman of BCCI is owning a team and controlling the board as well was not questioned. Thus it leads me to a suspicion whether the whole system was corrupt and everyone was working only on maximize their own self interest .Unfortunately the loyal fans and the players were made a fool out of it in this drama This is an organization that has grown to this level only because of the crazy fans and now this very same organization has the audacity of reject RTE application of the concerned fans, who wanted to know the functioning of the BCCI I appreciate the Supreme Court for their measures taken in removing corrupt people like N Srinivasan. We need to install a mix of people with administrative and sports background to improve the functioning of BCCI .

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