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Enjoyed reading your synopsis of the drama between the BCCI and the Supreme Court thus far. What has transpired is worthy of a prime time saas-bahu show and your take on it using cricket terminology made it all the more interesting and humourous. Underneath all the gloss however, as you may well agree, is a dark and twisted organization which is in charge of one of the most of powerful sports (country) boards in the world. The irony however is palpable; allow me to explain: The BCCI is an independently run autonomous board which is not under the purview of any government body which controls the national representation of the sport. A country in which bribery and corruption is rampant at the government level, running the BCCI as an independent organization was lauded by all and sundry except a few naysayers who were quickly silenced. What no one accounted for is that the problem is so deep rooted in our culture that once the BCCI reached a position of power and influence they began operating exactly like the demon they were originally set up to avoid. The intervening of the Supreme Court in order to bring parity and order to the administration of the sport is testimony to the fact the the BCCI literally answered to no one. While the SC has recommended an array of changes to be implemented by the BCCI this may or may not improve the functioning of the organization. Unless there is absolute accountability for any misgivings that may occur, merely changing the line-up will not change the mentality of the team nor the outcome.

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