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Dear Sir, while I respect your point of view, there is also the other side to the whole " Surgical strikes prove India now has decisive leadership " rhetoric that is currently in vogue. Let us appreciate the fact that these strikes were in Army's own words "a routine exercise " that was carried out in the times of the previous leadership as well. Added to the fact that this came at time when the crucial UP elections were scheduled shows much about the intent of the government. What begs an answer is why a routine exercise by the army highlighted so much so that is was trending on social media with the #surgicalstrike for days and why people like Gurmehar Kaur who were merely exercising an opinion faced severe backlash ? This was clearly to charge the country to fanatic patriotism( as we are seeing now) and reap the benefits in UP and the other states going to polls. The aftermath of this clearly proved that the strategy paid rich dividends to the ruling party. While in their own words the aim of the strike was to deter Pakistan from attacking and prevent another Uri, the attacks and the ceasefire violations from Pakistan continue unabated albeit they have increased if I may take the liberty of saying so. While Sir, I may differ with you politically, I find the mergers and acquisitions comparison with these strikes quite riveting. Strikes like the Tata Steel Corus deal are the mark of a true business growth story and leadership. They mark the attention to finesse and details that help businesses grow and excel.

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