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Surgical strike is strategic attach with Min time period & target is fixed. Mainly this kind of strike is giving clear message to the other party. India has dine surgical strike where Indian forces had entered into Indian Territory occupied by Pakistan. The levels of tolerance have (been) crossed and this had to happen & this is voice of Indian citizen with the pride. India carried out ‘surgical strikes’ on terror launch pads across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir last night, inflicting “significant casualties” on terrorists and those harboring them. The announcement of the sudden action by the army. Indian army had done surgical strike in past also however this time We as India has shown courage to announce Surgical strike in front of World which will give clear message to the our neighbor as well to the world that we are enough capable to protect ourselves against the terrorism with different ways to tackle terrorism In the past, We had always approached to the world leader to take some necessary action against Pakistan for Stopping terrorism. Here Forces had adopted much calibrated approach in the strike & shown Indian Army courage with Systematic planning & Execution. The Indian diplomacy with world leader has also played vital role which will be very clear after surgical strike & comments from the world leader. If we see a Surgical Strike in broder perspective then we should admit that India had changed their position in the world with Clear diplomacy as well as Action oriented approach. The entire world has also appreciated on the surgical strike which is biggest win of Indian diplomacy. If we see the surgical strike in each field then it’s happening with Systematic manner. Example, Tata has acquired Jagquar brand & also Corous which is also one of the surgical strike in corporate world. If we see the surgical strike in political world then recently UP election has shown the political surgical strike on Opposition under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi In my views, surgical strike is necessary to show power with Systematic way which will give right message & Long term solution

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