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Surgical strike is strategic strike in which only intended targets are destroyed. No harm is caused to other government or public property. Recently surgical strike was carried by Indian forces across LoC in response to URI attack in which 18 Indian soldiers were ambushed by four men, who have came from Pakistan. This surgical strike was against the terrorist hideout and cannot be taken as aggression against defense forces. Even Indian DGMO informed Pakistani counterpart about the strike and ensured that matter would not be further escalated. Surgical strike can be termed as a strategic restrain, a careful method to achieve your purpose, make your point clear and at same time does not involve in any conventional war across the international border, which have the potential to cause huge economic and human loss and if further escalated may result in the use of Nuclear weapons. By carefully framing the operation, limited in time and scope and not targeting any military establishment, India has successfully kept this as strategic restrain. India has largely followed a peace approach towards Pakistan and have restrained itself from taking offensive partly due to political subservience of army and partly due to army methodology of solving out problems vies a vie bilateral talks. However, this strike gives a clear signal to Pakistani counterpart that befitting military response can be given, so they need to recalibrate their strategy towards India. This strike has long term strategic consequences. Strike was meant as a signal but does not intend to change the fundamental dynamics of relationship between India and Pakistan. It should not be seen as carte blanche with which India can impose its military superiority rather it should be seen as a deterrent that strong reply would be given if the conditions required.

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