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Have you seen the movie “Bridge on River Kuwai”? Soldier who had built the bridge they themselves demolish the bridge. Are we on the same mode? As an engineer I will say its unfortunate decision on steel bridge, are we really looking for development? Because one side we are asking for development and other side opposing. Before finalisation of any project there is a various level approval are required. It involves huge cost hence external and internal lander also involved. In this case all those people are wrong? I appreciate, now a days people are raising their voice, but still they love to hold candle instead of actual solution. Only opposing is not solution, I know its people money and this project will be built by cutting 812 trees. I will ask only one question are we really care about environment, then how concrete is better. If production of steel emits 1.8 T Co2 on 1 T steel production then 1 T cement production also emits 1 T Co2 for environment both are harmful. When we are constructing our home from cement, where is the environment? Once again I will say let government do his job, rather than becoming expert in every matter and opposing each and every thing.

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