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The effort put by Prof R Jayaraman of relating the undisputed success of India in kabaddi sport, with ancient stories from the Mahabharata & with the leg pulling Indian mentality is quite remarkable & rejuvenated. India is dominating ruthlessly in both the male & female kabaddi events across the world in all major sports forum & its roots are riveted in ancient history of India. India has history of great warriors & Kabaddi was predominately developed by them to improve physical strength & speed in human being. During its inception kabaddi was played to boost the self-defensive skill & develop quick response to attack. That hereditary skill transferred from generation to generation & we are now the best in business. In globalisation era, kabaddi has worn new cloths & attracting the eyes from all over the world. Pro kabaddi league has taken sports to new heights across the globe. In cricket loving country like India, kabaddi has reinvented itself and became a sport which is closed to everyone’s heart, which was part of everybody’s childhood memory. Being an undisputed for quite a long time can make sport unenthusiastic to rest of world & sport need to promote at international event to create more awareness & involvement of other countries. Kabaddi is national sport of Bangladesh but yet skill difference with India is quite huge. Only Iran, Pakistan & south Korea have some potential to stand in front of India in kabaddi. This wide gap is worst for the game & for the countries who are involved in that. Efforts need to be taken at international level to involve kabaddi in Olympic games & that will open global eye for the game from the untouched territory & world will acquire inherent skill of Indian origin game. Thank you so much sir for refreshing insight of our very own sport “KABADDI”. With regards, Ganesh Rathod.

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