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Brilliant series of analogies by Prof R Jayaram drawn from extremely rich Indian cultural roots to explain the overwhelming success of the country in the sport. There are numerous reasons for popularity of the sport in India. Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), a venture by Marshal sports has been extremely popular in India. PKL has an unbelievable huge viewership base above 500 million which is second highest after cricket in India. Kabaddi as a sport has reborn in India after the establishment of PKL leading to a growing interest and popularity across demography’s. The prime reason for popularity of Kabaddi in India are: 1. Quick Sport – Kabaddi is a fast-paced game with average time required much shorter as compared to other sports. 2. Low Cost Sport – It does not require fancy equipment and can be played anywhere. It does not cost anything and can be compared to extreme popularity of football in African & South American countries which can be attributed to the low-cost requirement to play the game. 3. Player Involvement – High player involvement makes the game leads to complexities making the game more unpredictable. This unpredictable nature of the game creates excitement and engagement of viewers to a large scale thereby increasing its popularity. Though popularity of the sport has been increasing exponentially in India after the advent of PKL, the sport was not so popular in the country before, even though it was invented in India. The major challenge ahead is many countries are still not aware about the sport and requires to be promoted world-wide to gain popularity and recognition at a global level.

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