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Dear Sir, The blog stands out for bringing out the humorous side of the Indian team winning the Kabaddi World Cup consecutively and its relation to the leg-pulling attitude of the Indian mind set. While this is true. It would not be completely fair, to not credit the relation that Kabaddi, as a sport, has with India specifically. Kabaddi goes a long way back into the history of India, with some forms of the game also mentioned in Mahabharata. It has been a game of tactics and skills, which help you, as you, mentioned, pull legs of the opponent, sometimes literally. In the state of Haryana, and certain other states in North India, I have witnessed “akhada”, the gyms meant for kabaddi training. I used to hear stories about the training that goes inside these gyms. They break the ears, train like bulls to get that stamina and power that can help you pull the opponent or opponents, if I might say, across the border line. That is why you would have seen, there was no equal for the Indian team in the Kabaddi World Cup, because this is one sport, where the players are prepared as soon as they learn to walk. In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to credit the players and their coaches for their effort in making India unbeatable, in Kabaddi atleast.

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