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I would like to congratulate the Indian Kabaddi team for winning the world cup for the third time in succession. Luckily, I got the opportunity to watch this match and I was really thrilled with the way our team fought back in the second half to bring home the trophy. The author in the blog jokingly mentions that we are able to beat others in kabaddi because it involves pulling one’s legs, which we are naturally good at. Jokes apart this game particularly needs the skill of pulling your opponents legs and not let him leave your court until he runs out of breath. The game is mix of skill, strength, swiftness and the ability to hold one’s breath. The game happens to be amongst the most popular ones played especially in the rural parts of India. With the sheer population of our country and kabaddi being amongst the favorite sports, we as a country have been blessed to witness some of the best players in action. The other factor which seems to be helping players is the introduction of the pro kabaddi league – a multi franchise kabaddi league system. This has enabled players to earn a decent amount of money helping them turn to full time professionals. The blog also mentions the after effects of switching to artificial turf in the game of hockey and how India lost from being the best to also rans due to the lack of proper infrastructure. Indians will surely hope that such a thing does not happen with kabaddi. But India should be aware of the fact that other countries are watching us and trying to catch up. Iranians and Koreans at present have some good talent in their teams. These teams also happen to be the ones who gave India a strong fight in the matches when India played against them. Some of the countries have also hired Indian coaches to learn the art of kabaddi. Overall the situation seems favorable for the game in India and the administrators will do a great service to the game if they are proactive and invest sufficient funds back to the game in finding new talent and building the required world class infrastructure.

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