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Advertisements are a like beautifully cooked dish, however in the Indian context what is the dish without the masala? This blog by R Jayaraman sir tries to find the masala of advertisements. Who would have thought that Pierce Bronson would one day end up selling Pan Masala, that too thinking that it was a health product! The world of advertising thrives on ideas that stick, in this case it was the idea of Pierce Bronson selling Pan Masala that got everyone talking. The ideas may vary, and so may the focus in each advertisement. But what remains constant in this tussle for eyeballs is the relatability of the context with the consumer. We may call on all the big names as much as we want but if the idea and context aren’t relatable with the consumer then the ad won’t work. These days’ advertisements in India have taken the form of a short story, this is being done as an attempt to emotionally connect the consumer to the product. Emotions serve as yet another ingredient for our dish. Who can forget the iconic Google Partition advertisement that had everyone in tears? It was a moving ad in which two friends were reunited by their grandchildren using Google. The use of emotions by Indian ad makers compliment your narrative that being loud and crude does not guarantee, that you get your message across. In fact it may end up being counterproductive most of the time. Being classy and subtle is the way forward when it comes to showcasing your idea and narrative. This masala however is to be used with caution, because at times it may end up creating a false impression of the product which is undesirable. Ethics in advertising, just like everything else in life matters a lot. While short and naughty ads continue to tingle our funny bone, it’s the ads with substance that seem to be making waves in India. The masala of advertising consists of various spices that I have discussed, but I do believe there are some that are yet to be discovered. These discoveries sure will help enhance the taste of the dish, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of ethics.

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