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This is 2018 where perceptions become thoughts, thoughts become ideas, ideas become words which In-turn leads to actions. In today’s world, the advertisement has become a weapon which is even more lethal than any nuclear weapon that can exist. The major reason is that wrong choice of words, incorrect interpretation can affect and harm far greater population than any bomb can have. The type of advertisement a company chooses ultimately decides which segment of people will eventually be affected by that product. Not necessarily, the advertisement needs to be talking about the product advantages or the services offered but sometimes the product can be totally different from the ad. shown on the TV. As long as, the customer is able to associate himself/ herself with the TV advertisement, he/ she will buy the product. A type of positioning through such advertisement can be based on the product user. A common example can be the ad of Thums Up “Aaj kuch toofani krte hai”. The ads of Thums up targets the youth and majorly talks about the courage which has nothing to do with the product they are selling. Not just in the commercial market, but also the politicians have started capitalizing the power of advertisement to manipulate the general public. As said above, the customers which associate themselves with the statement tend to believe it, without actually looking at the true facts The power of advertisement over the year has grown and have now become so evident that various govt. have now started taking stringent actions against the privacy breaches which are one of the prime sources of fake news (incorrect advertisement). Various organizations are using this data to their advantage in manipulating the thoughts of the general public. General population has become the prime targets of such advertisements and they knowingly or unknowingly develop certain ideas leading to surprising results. Few famous instances are Brexit (withdrawal of UK from the European Union) and the election of Donald Trump in the US.

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