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There is a saying, “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to it.” Prof. Jayaraman had justified it very well. I would like to call it more as an ‘observation’ rather than ‘article’. In today’s world, you can only judge the advertised product after completion of its 75% of the ad. The advertisement today has nothing to with the product. As the author talked about ‘Pan Bahar’, the focus was definitely on Mr Bond and what he is consuming, rather than what is Pan Bahar? The question is, did he really consume Pan Bahar? That’s why I would call advertising ‘A Legalized Lying’. As the author said, ‘ad must be classy’, ‘Marlboro’ is the epitome of this. In the days when other cigarette brands showed that their cigarette is harmless, it had extra filters, high-quality paper and other endless things, ‘Marlboro’ went out of the box. It just showed an old cowboy with a classic hat & beautiful girl, smoking Marlboro. That’s it. This ad after releasing raised its market share 65% more. The only reason being is people inferred smoking Marlboro as ‘Classic & Swag’. This shows us ‘The power of advertising’. Advertising is inevitable and to make it successful you need to keep experimenting. In today’s world the main source of earning is an advertisement and what an irony, no one wants to see the ad. The advertisement has reached another level than it was a decade ago. Even the 5 seconds ad can be made impactful (Swiggy, Uber’s ad on youtube). In the Flipkart’s Billion Day Sale ad where they portray kids as adults, it too had a great impact. It registered those kids as a notification of ‘Sale’ in people’s mind. When we get to see a few seconds of those kids, ‘Sale’ pop-ups in our minds and that too of Flipkart’s. And as the author said advertisement is more of humour these days, stands correct.

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