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Thank you Jayaraman sir, for succinctly explaining the power and importance of advertisements in today’s world. Intense competition in the marketplace today has pushed the limits of creativity of the people who make advertisements. We have seen a multitude of ads some of which induce a sense of humour, some which subtly criticise their competitors and others which appeal to the logic and emotion of the viewers. A potpourri of the above mentioned factors is often required to grab the attention of the customers. The area of marketing and advertising has been studied rigorously by many experts and effective advertising is often seen as boon. Establishing the connect with the audience and understanding their mentality is the main area which one must focus on. Virat Kohli , has featured in a number of Manyavar( a men’s ethnic wear brand) ads in the recent times. Manyavar has identified that the urban class today will not buy ethnic clothes for daily use and hence they felt the need to position themselves differently. Virat says that every Indian deserves to wear rich, ethnic clothes for the different festivals and occasions we celebrate in India. In my opinion this advertisement has been successful in achieving the purpose it sets out for itself. Firstly, because it has Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador and more importantly it instantly connects with the Indian audience as we celebrate our festivals with great pomp and show. Sometimes advertisements beautifully capture the essence of the product which the consumer is being offered. Royal Enfield advertises its bikes as ‘Made like a gun’ and rightly so because an Enfield is known for rawness and its gun like sound. Advertisements can also act as a bane if not utilized effectively. Sometimes, as advertisers we assume that our consumers are docile and bereft of any intelligence. Advertisements should not be too ‘pushy’, instead it should lead the consumer to your product. An advertisement which is too ‘in your face’, can actually act as a deterrent for the consumer. If an educational institution repeatedly harps about the fact that it is the number one, an aspirant would actually start wondering if applying to the that institute is a good choice. In the days to come, we shall see that advertisements are going to see a world of change. With most of the things going digital, the days are not far when all the advertisements move to that space. In the days of yore, the sellers did not have too many insights about the customer and hence the advertisements were more or less generic. With the explosion in the field of data and analytics, sellers now have the data pertaining to each customer. They have a deep understanding about what a consumer is looking out for and what are the parameters he or she uses to gauge a product. Advertisements in the digital space today are becoming more and more personalised and truly the power of advertising is going to grow in leaps and bounds in the times to come.

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