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Interesting article sir about what an advertisement should do and that glamour do not always count. Advertisements have been around since the time of Egyptians when they used to promote sales messages and wall posters using papyrus. Since that time as technology has progressed, we have moved from writing to print, TV and now digital which has overtaken all other formats in terms of spending by companies. The consumer is becoming smarter day-by-day hence advertisements that used to show men applying deo to attract women, or fairness cream to become fairer are fading away. The advertisements that are holding significance today are those that make an instant connect with the target audience. All these promotions aim to talk about the insight or the problem the customer is facing hence it becomes imperative for companies to promote, address and show how your product deals with that problem in the 30-second ad slot. Another important aspect is the perception of the customer about your brand. Your point about advertisements having relatable characters holds true. Sometimes having celebrities tend to have a negative effect on the brand. They take away the focus of the product or the message it is trying to deliver. In pan bahar’s case, Pierce Brosnan has been associated with premium brands like Smirnoff and Omega watches hence his association with an Indian Mouth Freshener did not gel well because of his endorsement history. As a result, all the flak that the campaign received was for the ambassador and the brand lost relevance. An example of an ad campaign that comes to my mind that is relatable and has a simple message will be the Dove Real Women Campaign. They feature non-actors in their advertisements trying out their products that establish a connection with the audience instantly. The Flipkart ad campaign featuring kids is also an interesting example that takes a jab at how our elders become conscious of buying online. It directly targets the family value we Indians so cherish hence it makes the advertisement so effective and serves the message of promoting e-commerce in the country. Advertisements today now also aim to build customer relationships and also have a social appeal to them as well. The TATA tea “Jago Re” campaign is a good example in this aspect. It doesn’t feature any popular actors but targets an emotion and issues plaguing our society. Consumers now want to be associated with such initiatives because they want to contribute to it. The character and the message both go hand-in-hand for a successful ad campaign. The brand has to understand the consumer's expectations, their problems and who can be a representative of their brand that can be related to solving that problem. The better brands understand their target audience, the more relevant and successful will be their advertisement campaigns.

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