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Looking at the title of the blog, I had anticipated seeing the components and examples of a well-presented advertisement but what caught my attention was the name – Pierce Brosnan. It was indeed a fun and insightful to read such an important point of an advertisement industry in simple yet powerful words by Jayaraman Sir. What I liked most about the blog is the contradiction seen in the usage of powerful characters within advertisements in older times versus legendary companies in modern world. As rightly mentioned in the blog, the characters are at the core in delivering any messages through an ad but the untapped arena that marketers are exploring is the disruption of thought process. I agree that a foreigner chewing pan masala and spitting it off through corner of his mouth indeed tickles our funny bones and people may find it out of the context to bring “James Bond” to promote Pan Bahar, but is there any chance to look through a different angle and to say that the component of “unexpectedness” or “surprise” of seeing Pierce Brosnan in such advertisements was the sole purpose of signing him? Nowadays market has become consumer centric in terms of developing products. The promotional campaigns make people realize about the need of these products or services in their life. Each firm competes in the market by leveraging the perks of human emotion through their advertisements and if a company can build a mystery, add some twists and carve out the surprise element with a meaningful message then your product is a hit. As we have seen in advertisements of traffic safety rules or virtual reality products which attracts people not only from the message that they want to convey but ‘how’ they build a story around it and let people anticipate ‘why’ and ‘what will happen next’. Nowadays this has become a trend upon which many companies have succeeded to expand their market shares. But does this surprise element always work? Do these characters always leave an impactful impression in viewers’ mind? We must say that it works with some caveats. While making an ad, two of the most important things to consider are – context and culture. Surprise and content does not work alone if it is being conveyed without grasping the nerves of your viewers. This also works in business and social presentations. If we look at the Pan Bahar advertisement again, we can see what might have gone wrong and what could have been done in order to be more effective marketer. The idea of selling pan masala in an Indian culture to people of urban and rural India does not go well by someone like Peirce Brosnan coming out as a brand ambassador. So to summarize, in today’s world, companies have digital media at their leverage to reach their consumers but to do so, the effectiveness of a marketing strategies should be re-considered as people are getting smart and can easily differentiate between a powerful idea that creates a need versus a hoax that leaves a person frustrated.

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