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Sir, this is an important article especially for a budding marketing manager like me. Many a times, I feel that companies lack the powerful ability to strike the right chord in consumers’ mind. This can be essentially related to the poor communications strategy of their brands. Today, we are flooded with many messages. Everywhere you go, you are told what to do, what to eat, where to go, how to go and so on and so forth. An advertisement helps us identify things we lack in life and asks us to aspire for an ideal life, ideal body or an ideal world. When this happens, a need takes birth and from there on our brain directs our purchasing behaviour. In India as you said the concept of advertisements has always been there. Paintings or writings on walls and stones indicate a form of advertising. Similarly we have relics of Harrapa, Mohenjo-daro indicating names in the form of some figures which essentially can be considered as a trademark. The earliest forms of advertisements was used for religious purposes. With the advent of foreign rule, we resorted to use the same for propaganda building. British settling and their rule brought certain changes in this industry. They wanted to popularize their products and hence started advertising for commercial purposes in print medium, especially calendars and newspapers. India has come a long way since then and is one of the fastest growing markets for this industry today. But what really forms the crux of advertising? Is it the central character, the story or the message? And I would like to take a different opinion on this. According to me it is the message that is most important in any advertisement. However for a powerful impact, the message has to revolve around a very good story. The characters are the players who may or may not be influential depending upon the product. An ad that has a powerful character like Amitabh Bachhan or Pierce Brosnan will lose relevance if it shows them eating some biscuits or chewing tobacco. So the story has to be apt. At the same time characters should fit that story. We have beautiful ads from Titan which doesn’t showcase any powerful personality but manages to attract the audience only because of its story. According to me an advertisement not only should be current but should also should involve the audience with its authentic content. A brand has to establish its credibility through advertisements. Almost all ads of today carries an emotional as well as moral appeal to further this goal of building credibility. Almost all of Tata products are advertised by using some moral appeal which showcases some relevant issue. They understand that today advertisement is not just about driving consumers’ needs but also is about building connections with the customers. The longer brands realise this mantra, higher are the chances for us to see more of Pierce Brosnans advertising for Kolkata Masaalas  Regards, Vijay Rajendran

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