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Advertising is nothing less than Bollywood wherein most of the advertiser are selling the dreams to the customer in the name of their product. Every advertiser want their product to be unique and want to stand out of the clutter even though most of them don’t have any USP compared to the other available competition product. Pan Bahar is a classic example of it wherein market is flooded with branded and non branded pan masalas and every product claims to be the best, moreover from Priyanka Chopra selling pearls, Ajay Devgan selling Vimal and others with most of the best Bollywood celebrities it was a tricky situation for Pan Bahar. I believe that whatever Pan Bahar did gave them all the publicity, PR worth millions and also they took brand one level ahead by getting international star. Today brand recall is high all thanks to crazy and funny idea of taking Pierce Brosan. Best way is to create a USP or create disruptive creative to stand out in the clutter.

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