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Dear Sir, This is really a nice article on the power of advertising. The way you have explained the Pan Bahar ad really tickled my funny bones. I want to add few lines on how advertisement has impacted our daily lives. Everywhere we go and everywhere we look, there are full of messages indicating how to do things, what to wear, how to live and every aspects of lives is taken care of. Today, we don’t have to look for things, but instead, ads will tell us what we need. That’s the power of advertising. Even we can see celebrities and sport star endorsing for inner wears, shampoo, soaps etc. The ad endorsed by Pierce Brosnan captured everyone’s eye because of the cast and style and the way it was shot. In other counties like Sweden, government have strict regulations to protect young minds from the bad influence of TV commercials. But, in India, government and regulators can’t do much as ads are a major source of revenue. However, thanks to few advertising campaign such as “Jaago re India” of Tata Tea which has a social message of women empowerment. In my opinion, consumer should understand the positive and negative impacts of advertisement in order to lead a healthy life. Advertising not only assists in choosing which product to buy but also makes people consume more. But how does it manipulates consumers to buy? It is pure psychology wherein advertisements creates an emotional response from the consumer and people start associating with the product. Take for example Maggi, a 2 min noodle. When I was in engineering college, I used to consume maggi daily because it’s easy to prepare and it gets ready within 4-5 minutes. Same is in the case of Coca Cola, Dairy Milk, Amul and many other brands which evoked a strong emotional response from consumers.

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