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If I am not wrong advertisement have 400 year old history, since beginning of trading advertisement is playing a vital role by various ways. Why it is required? And after 400 year still it is vibrant way to market the product. Answer is mind of people, we have tendency to believe and follow what we are seeing. In last 40 decade advertisement change vastly from black & white printed ads to high definition multimedia ads. But this is not only reason, main reason in variety and advancement in theme. We love to see some ads, you must remember Dhara oil add, a cute boy and his expression of saying “Jalebi”. It’s not having anything special or celebrity or humours but touch the heart because we all love children and their cute expression. Now a day companies are playing with people’s emotions, recently Samsung’s blind girl add become very popular. Company it trying to say that we provide best after sales service but they campaign using blind people. It touch our heart and people may go for it. So in my views use of celebrity in ads may increase sales for an instant but people will not remember after some time. But emotional ads people will recall for long time and have an impact on sales for long time. Amul is one brand which cartoon ads are more popular than its product. In moral, advertisement are gone beyond humour and celebrity, new era is to play with emotions of people. Same thing has been highlighted by Renuka Mam in her article “Hard Sell, With Soft Heart” and i agree.

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