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Are you looking for an investment which can give you the returns of 100000 per cent? Do you want to make your money work even when you are sleeping? Are you searching for options to park your surplus funds which can give you higher returns than bank deposits? Do you want to be a part of the growth story of your country? Are you looking for good secondary sources of income? Do you want to beat inflation? Do you want to start a business from as low as 1 rupee? Are you a risk taker? If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, then stock market is the right place for you. However, people usually compares stock market to the gambling. That’s why less than 2% of India’s population invest in stock markets. But they are principally different. Gambling is a zero-sum game, it simply takes a money from a loser and give it to the winner. It does not create any value. On the other hand, by investing in non-fraudulent companies which tend to compete and increase productivity, we are increasing the overall wealth of our economy. Stock market shares very close relationship with its country and its investors. It has become an integral part of our lives. It slips if our economy slips, it rises if our economy is booming. It is an indicator of the financial strength of the country. To gain better understanding, let’s go back to its origin and understand the reason behind its existence. The stock market started way back in 1602, with the Dutch East India Company. The stock market exists so that the company can raise money without incurring any debt. They issue shares of their company to the public in terms of IPO which is known as Initial Public Offering. Investors buy and sell these shares to one another on stock exchange, thus making stock prices move up and down. However, stock market is mutually beneficial to investors also as they invest in business and try to make their money grow. The movement of shares can be largely explained by the principle of supply and demand. The increase in demand of the share can be contributed to three main factors: company fundamentals which will help in creating long-term demand, second is some news or inside info which will help in creating mostly short-term demand and the third is due to manipulation game played by the operators. It is very important for investors and traders to identify the third reason and stay away from those stocks where operators play a major role. On the other hand, supply factor i.e., no. of shares to be traded in market is decided by the company only. Thus, stock market will be good most of the times to those who look it from an investing point of view rather than money creation. An investment can give you both good or bad returns. The investors are successful more number of times than the traders. This is because while investing your approach becomes totally different from those who are into stock markets for just money creation. Investors studies deeper into the technical fundamentals of the company and tries to forecast the company growth. They closely follow the company and are always aware of the news relate to them. On the other hand, some people just trade on tips which are wrong most of the times, thus end up losing money and start calling stock market a gambling. It is better to know nothing than something in the stock market. You should have clear understanding of what you are doing with your money. Think of a partially informed surgeon, the mistakes could be severely injurious to your financial health. Be patient while investing in stock markets. If you are investing for a long time and drop in market will make you nervous. Losses are on just paper until you sell your investments. The best 5-year return in the US market began in May 1932 – in the midst of the Great depression. The next best 5-year period began in July 1982.when the US economy was in one of its worst recessions. Thus, in longer run, you will be able to ride out bad phase as a winner. At the end, you will find many inspirations like Warren buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia to invest in the stock market. You will also be tempted to make big money in the stock market in a very short time. But for me the most inspiring thing is the growth story of India. The India will become the third largest economy by 2025.Thus, to increase productivity companies will grow and our money will also grow. HAPPY INVESTING!

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