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Mr. Jayaraman thank you for your valuable advice on this tempted topic. I am too young to wright about stock markets, investments & retirement but I have interest in this subject which I developed over the years by watching my father. I have few thoughts to share. Today’s young generation like us is attracted towards stock market. Most of these investors are eying short term rather than long term returns. Short term game is risky for any small investor. As you rightly said no one has found out the secret of why the markets behave unexpectedly. There is an old saying “No knowledge is better than half knowledge” it fits perfectly for all the young investors who desire to get maximum returns as fast as possible & invest in stocks without doing basic study. Many of them get carried away by brokerage firm’s promotional calls & sms. Historical data suggests multibagger gains if one invests for reasonably long periods. Long term gives benefits of stock splits, bonus, and dividends over the years & risk is also minimized. If we consider past 20 years data Indian stock market has given 10X returns. 30 stock index rally from 3500 in 1997 to 32000 in 2017. During these times it has also witnessed major downturns of 2008-09 world economic recession when Index fell down from 14000 to 8000 in six months. Many small investors sold their stocks in panic & lost big amount in this process. Same Index rose from 8000 to 21000 in 9 months & now it is eying 35000 mark. If the same investor would have decided to wait for the longer term then he might have doubled his investments in 2012. There are many such incidences which proves long-term perspective in stock market gives healthy returns. One should play safe & show patience in stock market. Invest for more than 2, 5 or even 10 years & let the power of compounding work for you. Mutual funds are also safe options for those who do not have thorough knowledge about stock market but want to gain returns. Top Mutual funds have shown that if you wait for 6-7 years you are likely to get more than 100% ROI. Many of young working professional who are early in their careers can start investing small amount in monthly SIP plans. These pocket friendly investments can be our retirement friends. It is cruel to say that you don’t know how many days you will live. It doesn’t mean you should not consider retirement or think about days beyond 55-60 age. If we start investing from early days of our career then we will surely able to get maximum returns in stock market. Stock market could be shock market for those who invest under influence of others, who do not bother to study company’s history & financial health, who are impatient & sell in market panic conditions. But who invest for long term, who invests after understanding company parameters, who keeps eye on market conditions & don’t panic in market crack downs can get a retirement benefits out of stock markets.

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