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Thank you sir for your advice. When it comes to stock market, many beginners starts, with the hope of gaining huge profit, but soon they find themselves in trouble. There is a famous quote from Nelson mandela “I never lose. I either win or learn” but stock market is such a uncertain place where you can lose everything with every time a new mistake and new learning. In such a field people need such piece of advice to have some relief. Once one loose something, in attempt to recover that lost money they lose more and more, and end up losing everything. On the other hand there are investors with lots of insight of market, good understanding of every movement of market they earn, they share their story, they lure the common person, then the game starts of one losing and the other one is winning. In India people still afraid of stock market because there are lots of stories of failure of the common person but the attraction of the earning money in seconds is so much that it pull person into it. As of February 2015, the number of demat accounts with the two depositories — NSDL and CDSL — stood at 23.3 million which is very less as compare to the population of the country. The growth is about to come in future and such a good piece of advice is required for every common person. A beautifully drowned analogy of Hero Honda for investors fill it, shut it, forget it.

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