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Very informative article, thanks a lot. It is true that the market cannot be predicted; no one can understand or gauge the sentiments, that’s why it has become shock market from stock market for about 95% of people. Some reasons are as follows:- A. Most of the people don’t have detailed knowledge about the companies and they rely on paid market driven tips. They must understand that the market behaviour is based on various Global, Political and Economic factors. B. People become fearful when market crushes and they start selling securities and create big losses. In crushing market you should buy to earn more. As “Warren Buffet” rightly said, “ideal time for investment is forever”. If you want earn from market don’t be a trader, be a fearless investor. Don’t invest for a short period. C. Share market doesn’t run through luck though defiantly luck plays a part but investor must do homework about the company, industry sentiments etc. This homework will bridge the gap between experiences of Stock Market vs Shock Market. D. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. When market is up, sell and shift to new scripts, maximise your profit by scripts hopping and profit skimming and protect your hard earned money. Skimming is a process to pull out some part of your profits and invest in a fixed type of investment like a Mutual fund, Fixed Deposit or Debenture. Here are some rules to invest in Stock market, which can help and investor to protect hard money :- A. Avoid the herd mentality, do homework and take the informed decision. B. Invest in a business you understand. C. Never try to time the market, top and bottom of market is a myth. D. Follow a disciplined investment approach keeping a broad picture in mind. E. Create an extensive diversified portfolio. F. Have a realistic expectation, during the great Bull Run of recent years, many stocks had generated more than 50%, but you need to keep bear in mind as “Warren Buffet said”, “earning more than 12 per cent in stock is pure dumb luck”. G. Invest only your surplus funds and monitor rigorously, for you should be in the position to bear the loss.

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