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Thank you for this value added material for market investors. I completely agree to the fact you mentioned about losing majority in stock market. In casino big bulls always create atmosphere similar to casino where initially so called punters win and then with the craze and obstinacy they are stuck in the net of big bulls. But With SEBI like governance, governments across the nations are keeping a good eye on the market movements. Big swings in stock market always creates/disturb the country image government is trying to build. This is why we don’t get surprised when we see firms like LIC are being used as a vehicle by government which somewhat comes to its rescue. We have seen this through the times like year 2004, 2008 etc. In these times government managed to absorb the shock very well and was successful in limiting the shock for relatively shorter period. Typical behaviors of retail investors as mentioned by you are absolutely true. Take my example, even having CA background I did not realize when was I carried away by the glamour of market and I invested when market was booming. I shifted my investment from gold to pharma & IT Company which had better prospects than gold as per experts and sudden unexpected election of new president in US shook the world including my pharma & IT scrips. This was a PESTLE effect on my personal investment. So as a wise investor we should time out investment right. But one of my friends who is market savvy/expert says you cannot time the market. This is correct in the sense that you need to be a big bully and time your investment. Professor, you have mentioned very good technique which small investors like me can use. Usage of profit skimming and hopping from one to another good scrips in booming market will definitely help. But some people might say who has all this time to look around and check the health of scrips to buy or sell? I think we have very good option like Mutual Fund for such investors. MFs are easiest way for lazy investors (active in their core occupation) to invest in the market. MFs works on resource pulling method where number of investors form a corpus and expert known as fund manager invests it in market in an agreed framework

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