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Very well said, sir. This blog is a highly educational for any newcomer who wants to enter share market. Your description of share market with its pros and cons are concise and easily understandable. Example of game Over 7 /under 7 and its relation to stock market is effective. Explanation of share market from trouble times (1990s) till toady (D MAT introduction) is very well described. Guidelines to invest in market are very simple and effective. Like you mentioned, wise investment is always better. The amazing return of 471 $ (for every dollar) will attract everyone but not all stocks will give you that return. As you rightly said, we should not put all our eggs in one basket. Some money can be parked in conservative investment instrument like FD and rest can be invested in share market. We all are hearing only success stories which are marketed by Mutual funds and banks. But nobody is telling about losses that people has made. As you told, you can never win against the house. But a smart and wise person should not fall into the trap and exit from this game of money without too much greed. That is why we have to invest wisely.

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