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Indeed Ms. Krishnan, after going through your blog, it made me feel connected and reminds me of a recent memory. It was an incidence which my wife discussed with me couple of months back. Being the teacher in a private sector school, she often discusses about weakening of knowledge structure in the CBSE pattern and relative impact on the students. But, one day she told me about a student of 10th standard, who innocently asked her that “Ma’am one side we talk about equality then why education is not same for rich and poor in an independent country?” Saying so, she mentioned that for a moment it was even difficult for her to answer immediately, but she could able to convince him on his doubt. Same day we discussed the topic for half an hour. And I asked myself, was that child asking something wrong? I don’t think so, because when we talk about equality, then why we put it aside for the prime and basic needs like education. And this similar educational inequality perpetuates to the economic, political and especially mental inequality about caste & culture. I often heard from people of independence era that when we became independent, we were only Indians who used to understand each other. But now republic India has different classes, which differentiate and moreover divides India in societies of Strong & weak, Rich & Poor and as you have mentioned Raja & Praja. I have seen children asking their parents that why NATIONAL ANTHEM being sung in the movie theaters? Does attaining a standing position on the national anthem and patriotic song justifies our return to our country? I don’t feel so, it is more than that. Self-determination need to be feel by these young souls as they are the seeds who bring real freedom in later life. But, despite these all known problems, I strongly believe that these young ones are the real future of independent India and if we direct them in a right direction, they will certainly rise and understand the real meaning of independence.

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