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Dear Mam, The blog beautifully describes the power of storytelling which can bring a change in the world. Sometimes you are at a very low point in your life and you just need a strong and mature sign to get up and take your curve from the low to the high. We just have to convert the failures into heroics by tying up the loose ends. The skit mentioned in the blog clearly shows how Gandhi’s beliefs which when explained clearly brought the change in the goatherd but instead if the goat would not have drawn the courage to speak up could have resulted in dire consequences and sacrifices. Therefore we can feel how powerful the influence and the engagement can be due to which people become part of real action and real change occurs. In the latter half of the blog, we can see how the student’s expression change when comes the questions about the inequality and the poor vs the powerful. But soon some inspirational talk and the real life stories helps to bring a change in the listeners. This can be attributed to the fact that stories helps make a powerful connection with the listeners. They tend to connect themselves with those who would have struggled with problems and found the ways to overcome them.It is just about making the unaware and conservative population change into more of liberal type. But for this change to occur, one has to provide a ray of hope or path for others to walk upon. And all these situations do occur in each one of our life but all we need is one who can just connect with our prospects and engage with us directly to bring a transformation of some kind. Finally I would like to appreciate all the efforts undertaken by the author and wish her the best in future in bringing significant changes in the lives of the needful ones.

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