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The art of storytelling has a significant impact on the minds of people especially children as they capture the exact essence of the subject through it. The skit mentioned in the blog has beautifully explained the importance of speaking out in our difficult times. If it is not done then the consequences you face and the sacrifices you have to make are tremendous. It is also important how you protest, in case the situation is not in favor of you or you are being deprived of our basic rights. The children mentioned in the blog have conveyed the message of protesting by Satyagraha quite adroitly. They introduced Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings in a new way, which their peers will remember for a long time. In the world where there is violence everywhere like never before, the Gandhi’s way of rebellion is very much necessary to tackle things. It has also seen results like the Anna Hazare Lokpal movement in Delhi. They convinced the government to bring the Lokpal bill with their peaceful means within a short time with the help of Satyagraha means, which would not have been possible if they opted for any violent means. That movement also saw participation from schoolchildren who did not know much about the cause but participated by getting motivated by the means of protest. India being a peace loving country, it is important to follow Gandhi’s footsteps to convey its message to the world. The author mentioned that she saw a change in facial expression of students when she talked about the power structures and oppression in India; it shows the young are aware of the current situation and is ready to fight with it if given proper nourishment. The author’s vision of teaching students the lessons of India’s freedom struggle through the new techniques is commendable and I wish her all the very best.

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