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The fact that the skit sends a strong message even today is something we should all be worried about. I think that we all need to have that friend or relative who can tell us, when we see injustice we too need to raise our voice and most importantly understand that we may have to sacrifice for a better tomorrow. The blog speaks rightly about the strength one develops from following the path of dharma. We often forget and take it for granted the freedom we enjoy. It is important that we learn about the importance of freedom and the triumph behind it. In the same way it is our duty to question those who take away freedom from us or any fellow human being and at the same time we should also have the wisdom to understand that freedom comes at a price. In the digital age when information and data is accessible to everyone, news travels fast and it dies even faster. These days, for any news there is a lot of support on the social media, thanks to the bandwagon effect. But often our support and urge to do something is confined to the four walls or on the digital wall and for some it is just another topic for a tirade. And most importantly there is too much noise to even see the real problem. Like the goat’s aunt, this understanding and the ability to raise voice has to be taught and working towards instilling these values into the kids is commendable. I extend my support and prayers towards the success of the cause.

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