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Prof. Deepa Krishnan has brought out the subtle art of story-telling and its power to bring change in this beautifully written blog. Gandhi’s ideology has been practised in the society for a long period. But how to explain that simply to children? How to inflict this ideology to the young minds who have the power to bring the change in future? No traditional history book, no theoretical article or no motivational speech can help the kids to understand the Gandhian principles. Surprisingly, the children themselves came upon the innovative idea of introducing Gandhi through story-telling in form of a skit: What the Goat said to the Goatherd. At the same time, Prof. Krishnan has shown how to utilize such a simple context of a skit to teach the underprivileged children about complex concepts of power, politics and values. These children are those who have been oppressed by the society for a long time. The stories of Gandhi’s unconditional struggle with few resources against the mighty British empire give them hope. They inspire them by showing the value of independence after struggles and sacrifices. It is an enriching lesson to the teacher as well. It creates thoughts in the teacher’s mind and helps her to understand the psychology of the children in a better way. It motivates the teacher to explore many such innovative avenues of inspiring them. We thank Prof Krishnan and Abhyudaya for their constant efforts to bring changes in the children’s lives.

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