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Thanks a lot Jayaraman Sir for this simple and relatable blog. Although the exact happenings are different, the gist of my Sunday story is the same. There is a lot of built up for the approaching Sunday throughout the six days. Come Sunday, and the entire picture may be something completely unanticipated. Perhaps, this is one of the best illustrations of Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. The pipe leak mentioned in the blog is an epitome of such a happening. The day often turns out to be paradoxical. Often you plan for a rest day but may end up with a more rigorous day. It is quite funny that in spite of being free individuals, we seldom get actual free time. Times when we can temporarily switch off from our mundane/interesting (depends on individual perspective) day to day activities. But we are so intertwined in the social fabric that real “alone” time is a rarity. The sentence “Long live democracy” was a perfect take on this topic. An interesting aspect which I can recollect from the Bible is that during the creation of the universe, even God had kept Sunday as a day for rest. But then we are no Gods and plus the world is a cruel place, isn’t it? On a serious note, this is the reality and the sooner we come to terms with it, the better it is for us. More the number of people around you, more are the chances that you will face such situations. The best example which I can think of is when I am home on a Sunday. My parents, though unknowingly, will give me some work which I had never factored into my planning. Or else, sometimes, I suddenly get a call from an old friend and the conversation goes on for a long time eating up time from my planned leisure activities. So, is it safe to conclude that planning is a futile exercise? According to me, however convincing the results look, I feel that planning is a must both in personal and professional life. The reason is that the failure in executing a plan teaches us new strategies which can be incorporated in the next plan. For me, planning is a process with continuous scope for improvement. Planning helps in significantly reducing the uncertainties which we may face but it does not completely eliminate them. Planning is also correlated to good utilisation of time. For instance, whenever I do not have a plan for things to be done, I often end up wasting time. The uncompleted tasks get carried over further. Eventually a time may come when a task which could have been completed with relative ease becomes an urgent one. This pushes us to go in the fire fighting mode. In fire fighting, the task may be completed but often the quality of work gets affected. Thus, according to me, not planning is not even an option. Planning is an area where you have to keep coming up with Kaizens.

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