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Dear Mr. Jayaraman , thanks for this great article and while reading this article , I felt as if you are narrating exactly how my Sunday goes . After a very busy working week, we all very eagerly wait for Sunday, we tend to sleep late on Saturdays watching movies, going out for weekend parties or so. We take liberty to wake up late on Sunday, very leisurely enjoy our tea and read newspapers. As mentioned by you we all prepare a list of things to do throughout the week to be executed on Sunday. All of us wish to use Sunday to make it more meaningful for spending quality time with family and friends, reading, rejuvenating . On Sunday there are fixed schedules like bringing vegetables, doing all other things which normally we cannot do on weekdays. Although you plan hard, to do all the pending things as per your things to do list, due to unwarranted events taking place for example sudden meeting called by Society members, arrival of unexpected guests, and your plan is jeopardized. I am perusing MBA , so some time is also being devoted to studying. Nevertheless such unplanned events are part of our life , and the people who are optimistic take on the things as they come on their way and still enjoy every bit of moment.

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