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Beautiful thoughts Sir! Thank You for these thoughts, for I too believe in shaping your dreams by dreaming. The first seed of this very thought was sown in my mind when I first read the book “The Secret”. The very essence of the book is same, i.e. we need to dream and believe in our dreams, and those dreams sooner or later would definitely come true. The second seed of the same idea/thought was sown when I read the book “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. This book also conveys the same idea but by using the imprinting of dreams on our subconscious mind and then they becoming a reality. When we firmly believe in our dreams and again & again keep on visualizing and verbalising them, we develop a mental image of them at the back of our minds. I believe every thought is a frequency that we emanate. And once our thoughts are in sync with our dreams we automatically emanate those frequencies and the universe is there responding to our frequencies. Naturally and subconsciously we align ourselves towards making those dreams come true. But we have to consciously make sure that our thoughts and thus the frequencies that we emit are always in sync, for Universe is always responding to them. Once we are on this track we do not even realise and our dreams become reality. I think the only reason why people do not get what they dream is because they are thinking more about what they do not want rather than what they do want. So, we need to listen to our thoughts, and the words we speak, since Universe is always listening with no exceptions. In this context I would like to quote a beautiful saying by Buddha that, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”. Or in other words we can say that our current reality or current life is a result of the thoughts we have been thinking. All of that will totally change as we begin to change our thoughts and our feelings. And one fine a day, a door will eventually open and our dreams would turn into reality. Also, we are able to connect the dots of the happenings/events in our lives only by looking backwards, and so that fine day we’ll be able connect everything and make sense of all the happenings in our lives. So, the larger picture is that we need to dream first, be absolutely clear in our mind what we want. Then make that dream stick to our minds so that we automatically start working towards achieving them and eventually let them turn into reality. So lastly I would like to sum up all these into 3 simple words. Ask, Believe, Receive.

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