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I am a strong believer in the ‘Stop thinking, start doing’ philosophy. I could not resist myself from expressing my thoughts on this piece by Dr. Vaidya. I recently read a blog with a view contrary to Dr. Vaidya’s, titled “Don’t dare to dream, dare to do”. The author, Jason Flamm, sets the context on the backdrop of the ups and downs of writing his book, “Keep Creating”. He urges people to start doing instead of just dreaming. On the other hand, Dr. Vaidya’s blog tickles the reader’s minds and inspires them to persist with their dreams. It made me think if there is a middle ground between the two school of thoughts. Dr. Vaidya connects well with the readers by bringing in elements of his personal life. Often, as we grow older, our dreams become smaller. We attribute this change to ‘being-practical’. We begin to believe less in our abilities and more on what others think. ‘Voicing out the dreams’ has personally worked for me. In fact, I believe that one must write down their dreams. It reinforces the belief in their goals. A written piece lives through ages. Dr. Vaidya, in the penultimate paragraph describes how dreams are the path to do the right things. I like the way he leaves the readers anticipating for more. Like many others have mentioned, the line of thought Dr. Vaidya has is similar to what India’s former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had: “Dreams are those that do not let you sleep”. I am looking forward to the second part with the guidelines that he followed to conquer his dreams. To sum it all up, I was probably wrong while comparing the two blogs and labelling them contradictory. The reality is that the two ideas are complementary. Dreams are like the far-away peak for a mountaineer, every one of his little step is directed towards conquering that one peak. I believe that this beautifully written blog underlines what American filmmaker and entrepreneur, George Lucas said, “Dreams are extremely important, you can’t do it unless you imagine it”. I too, have a dream. A dream to positively change people’s lives. Hopefully, many years from now, I will be able to look back at this blog, share my story and say, “Yes, Dreams are truly powerful”.

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