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Sir, I would like to thank you for spreading such a powerful message across students which inspires us to dream a new dream today. There are numerous write-ups which justify the importance of dreams but it was the title of this article which attracted me and made me rethink about the idea and theory behind dreams. Are dreams really powerful? Do they have the power to transform our lives? What if dreams are just an illusion? Such questions frequently arise in the minds of people who are still unaware about the impact dreams can have on one’s life. After reading this article, I have realized that dreams have always been a part of our life. We remember some of them, others we don’t. Some of them were highly meaningful while others were just a random collection of thoughts or desires filling our brain. But as we progress in life and become more conscious, the mere thought of thinking about a dream gets buried under human notions like luck and fate. Conditions like financial constraints, family responsibilities or constant failures become an excuse not to dream further. This article reminded me of the book “The Alchemist” in which Coelho quotes that it is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. Thus, dreams are powerful as they not only give us a direction but also remind us of the futuristic goal we aim to achieve in life. On a personal note, it was my dream to join a top 10 B-school of India which gave me the courage to leave a well-settled job and inspired me to work towards it. While dreaming is important, it is equally necessary to keep dreams alive and have faith in your beliefs. As mentioned by Anil Sir, it is quite easy to dream but it takes lot of determination to pursue them. Only sheer hard work and patience to realize those dreams can turn great dreamers to achievers in life. Recently, I came across Dr. Kalam’s statement that it is a crime to dream small in life. This made me question whether it is always important to “dream big” or think something extraordinary. Instead of chasing the ‘big dream’ race, I believe one should dream deeper and try achieving it to the fullest potential even if it means to have a smaller dream in life. Martin Luther King’s famous speech ‘I have a dream’ ignited a movement and reminded the citizens of their basic rights that they had been deprived of since years. This aim of achieving small basic rights turned every ordinary citizen in the audience extraordinary by eventually making them dreamers. The only thing which holds us back from achieving such dreams is the fear of failing in life. Therefore, in the course of achieving a dream, one must also develop the potential to handle all the difficulties and keep moving towards the greater goal in life. While I am eagerly waiting for the next part of this article stating the possible guidelines for achieving dreams, I wish to start experiencing the power of dreams from today for a brighter tomorrow.

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