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Out of the few blogs which I have read, Prof. Vaidya’s “Dreams are powerful” stands out as one of the most striking ones. I appreciate the simple yet influencing post that sir has penned down, inspiring us to live out our dreams. Just as armour and ammunition are weapons to fight a war and achieve victory, dreams I believe are our mental weapons- weapons to transform ‘fantasy’ into reality. People say some dreams are realisable while some might appear fictitious. My take on this is, dreams are always realisable depending on the timing and perception of your surroundings. Even James Cameron had painted Avatar long before it was actually made into a movie- maybe if he had directed it earlier, he would have been called a lunatic. Dreams are potential means to glory- to achieve what one has desired always. They maybe aspirations, fantasy, goals, wish etc.- but one must have the courage to achieve them. One may have the finest of weapons, but until he knows how to yield it well, one cannot win a war. In the same way as Colin Powell puts it “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Even in the backdrop of uncomfortable, disheartening situations, one must have the courage to stand up for his own dream. As Prof. Vaidya puts it, “The dreams I had painted took a long time to take shape”, it may be long after the hard work that one actually realises the big picture. After all, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” as Eleanor Roosevelt says. I have still not discovered fully what is it I want to do in life. One person might be clear about his dreams and other might not. It doesn’t mean that the latter’s dream is a hoax. It’s just that the latter’s dream is far too beautiful for the present mindset of the society. Since childhood I have always dreamt of doing ‘something-great’ regarding Art. Being an avid sketcher myself, I have always wanted to prove my passion. But see- I still do not have a proper word for that ‘something’. Maybe there’s time in figuring out what that ‘something’ is. In the process, I have had and will have the opportunity to live out small, successful dreams leading me to my Big dream. It takes time to shape your dream, to realise its outline, it’s potential. And once you’ve shaped it, give in every drop of sweat to make it happen. One may never realise what wonders may result from their dreams. More than that, the pleasure of achieving more than one actually imagines, on the way to realising his dream, is incredible. One must perspire, persevere and perform to live out that one goal. After all you get just one life- dream it- live it. One must also enjoy the journey to realisation of the dream and he small joys it offers. After all as Walt Disney says- “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

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