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This article by Anil sir would be one of the few real-life examples that I can cite where simple language can lead to effective communication. In a span of just two columns, Anil sir has completed a full circle on how we dream to become someone and what needs to be done to achieve that dream. Having said that, I would like to point out that dreams are not the ones that are powerful. Although this might mean I am going against the tide, I actually feel dreaming to be someone or to achieve something is not very difficult. I have not seen many people in life who have said that they do not have a dream. If it is easy to dream, then it cannot be powerful, because if it was then most people should have become what they dreamt by now. According to me, dreams give you a taste of what it likes to be someone else and this taste is so addictive that you want to become that person. Dreams have the ability to convince you to become someone. But, between dreaming and making your dreams come to reality, there is a big barrier. Basis my experience, I feel this barrier is inertia. For your dreams to materialize, you have to first get out of your comfort zone and start working towards your dream. As mentioned in the article, Anil sir went on to do an MBA in the US of A even when situations were not conducive at home. This is what is lacking with most people nowadays; the reason why only a few people get to realize their dream is because most people don’t come out of their comfort zones and start working towards their dreams. This, according to me is the biggest stigma that needs to be answered. As rightly pointed out in the article, the courage to voice our dreams is something that should be brought out in each and everyone. The world according to me needs to talk more about inspiring people to work towards their dreams. A lot of words have been spoken on how dreams are powerful and how they can effect change. It’s high time someone spoke about how to come out of your laziness and inertia and face your fear. For example, earning 1400 per month at the age of 23 back in 1976 is nothing short of an achievement. Anil sir could have happily rested on his laurels. But he didn’t, and this is what is expected out of every man and woman. It is very convenient to say that you have a high paying job and a well settled life; it takes courage and guts to leave your comfort zone and chase your dreams. That courage needs to be instilled in people. Courage to pursue your dreams, according to me is what is powerful. Because once you have made that leap from your boat of comfort zone into a sea of insecurities, you have no choice but to learn to swim and reach the shore. This courage makes you powerful enough to realize your dreams. I request Anil sir or anyone from the teaching fraternity at SPJIMR to shed some light on how to be courageous enough to start working towards our dreams.

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