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I still remember the many dreams I have seen growing up. Some came true, some didn’t, but the happiness of the dreams that came through easily overpower the ones that didn’t. In the hindsight, the comparison is a futile effort because all that you dream does not necessarily manifest and only the things that manifests is what you truly wanted. To quote a line from the book ‘The Secret’- The only reason why people do not have what they dream of is because they are thinking more about those dreams and aspirations that didn’t materialize and fail to notice the beautiful play of destiny which is ensuring that the dreams that they are subconsciously working towards, it taking shape. For every dream you see, there has to be a course of action that needs to be taken to ensure that it manifests. Achieving your dreams is like the process of making a well-cooked dish; you need to slowly put together all the ingredients, balance out the taste, ensure enough texture and heat is given for the perfect taste. It is a process, not an overnight phenomenon. I don’t believe that dreams are one’s escape from reality..I don’t believe in the stories shown to us on celluloid... For me, dreams are actions. If I must lose weight and fit into a cocktail gown on my wedding day, I need to work out, it’s as action oriented as that! Would like to conclude by quoting the great Paulo Coelho, “And, when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it..”

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