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Dreams are one part of your subconscious mind which keeps you moving. According to me dreams get you positive energies, it is just you have to synchronize yourself to dream and then act, think about it, create a stimulus for yourself and then finally find a solution. Our faith in environment and belief in God can really help us connect to the path to our dreams. As rightly said by Mr Vaidya, day dreaming really works and you have to keep talking about it and believing that everything is for a reason and it is falling in place. When I was growing up I day dreamt a lot too and then steadily started believing in it. With time, I realized dreams coming true is lot do with luck and right deeds. These mixtures are strong blend in your life which makes it a beautiful cocktail. As we keep doing the right deeds and taking the right strides towards our goals, accomplishments are bound to happen, no matter what. And as we accomplish, it makes us believe more in the magical power of positive energies and building stronger faith. It is like how the law of attraction works. The universe is in abundance for everyone. What we ask for, we receive. It is just how strong is our conviction. So I will sum it up on a positive note with my personal achievements and accomplishments I am looking forward too.. Keep dreaming.. Keep believing… Keep achieving!

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