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Sir, It’s a very beautiful article written in lay man’s term which is very easy to understand. I agree everyone should dream and work towards fulfilling their dream. I feel the entire transition demands patience more than anything else. One should not give up on dream easily even if they don’t succeed in the initial attempt as the saying goes “Try try till you succeed”. I also feel our near and dear ones play a very important role in our journey. Like in your case your wife was a great support, similarly my mother has always been my backbone in my journey. When I was in 12th I had dreamt of making a career in Media, my mother supported me however my relatives were against it as they thought being a girl I should complete my graduation, get a decent job in a Bank as bank job would not require me to work for extra hours and get married to a well settled guy. But my mother never gave up on my dream, she encouraged and motivated me when I told her that I want to quit my previous job and wait until I find a relevant job. It was not an easy decision as I was the sole earning member of my house after my dad passed away. However after waiting for almost 2 months, I got a job in a leading media company in digital marketing. Today I have also took up post graduation course in media marketing which would help me understand the functioning of media and perform better at work. With this I would like to conclude saying that with courage one needs full support and trust from their family and closed ones which would help them to keep moving towards their dream.

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