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I was running through different Blogs and this Title itself attracted me. I thought this to be very close to my heart. This was something which was I was practicing my Whole life and also realized that yes Dreams can be powerful and achievable. I Still remember When I you I use to dream riding cycle and dropping my father. I was very small about 7-8 Years and this was a big dream for me and one day it happened and then I dreamed of driving a Two Wheeler which was again a reality for me. Then I dreamed of driving a 4 Wheeler which I again became a truth for me. This was a motivation for me and thought came that yes you dream and it turns true. I dreamed of small things step by step and I could achieve the same. Then I tested this many time and could count its success several time. I shared this experience Some time becoming a teacher , Some time as a Mentor , Some times as a brother and a father. I use to also say that you dream and then you get a opportunity to make your dream true and you should have a sixth sense to grasp that opportunity. If you could grasp that opportunity then it is a like a dream come true for you. I am at my mid of the career and still dreaming . It is like a thought which seeds in your Sub Conscious mind and it remains there and keeps on reminding you in the form of dream. It keeps on motivating you to achieve the same and conditions your mind and body to take action so that it turns into reality. Many Renowned people have acknowledged the power of dream and Our Former President APJ Kalam is one of them. Professor Anil has quoted his many experiences and there will be several similar examples which will highlight the power of dream. From ancient times we have heard several stories on dream and people pursuing the dream and achieving it. Let this power of dream become a inspiration for all of us and pave a way for future . Dream and dream and make the dream true . Atlast I will pick a sentence of Roy T Bennett a famous Authur “Dreams don’t work unless you take actions . The Surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them”

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